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Professionals at GBC aba are committed to improving the lives of individuals with autism, their families, and caretakers. We do this by utilizing time- and research-proven techniques of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). GBC aba's team genuinely has your best interests in mind, and continually follows the research on evidence-based practices.

Our staff and personnel have expertise across a wide range of skill sets. We will help you understand choices available to you and how to prioritize your concerns in an effective manner regardless of the situation or the setting. The value of our services is best revealed in the high degree of open communication with all stakeholders in the support process with the ultimate goal being to equip you with the knowledge to make the optimum decision for your family. There is no one “cookie cutter” approach. Every service we provide supports an ethic to enhance independence for your child.

As ABA practitioners, we have a large population to serve and it's GBC aba's mission to help make sure everyone who needs them has great services. There is no need to be on a wait list with an ABA provider. There are many in the Chicagoland area. We hope you will consider contacting GBC aba to determine if we are a good fit and let us help meet your family’s needs. If we cannot serve you, we will help you find a provider who can.

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