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Put an End to Stressful Summers: Find an Autism-Friendly Summer Camp

Published on
July 29, 2019

While summer may be a time of year that most people look forward to, it can be a potentially stressful time for some. Without routine and structure, individuals with autism and their families may find summer to be a difficult time. However, one simple step can help overcome this challenge! Read along to learn how.

Summer: the favorite time of year for most of us! Kids are excited to be out of school and adults are excited for the warm weather and sunshine! Beach days, pool parties, cook-outs, and so many other fun activities are planned during these months. But for individuals with autism and their families, summertime can be a stressful time of year that they dread.

Children with autism thrive on routine and structure, which is often disrupted during the summer. Many families look for a way to provide routine and structure to these summer days. One option is a summer camp!

While there are many benefits to summer camps, below are some key features to look for when finding a camp for that is the right fit for your child with autism:

1.   High staff-to-child ratio – Ideally the camp should have somewhere around a 1 to 3 ratio of staff to children. Communicate your child’s needs and make sure the camp can support them.

2.   Camp staff who specialize in working with children with autism – such as those with applied behavior analysis (ABA) experience.

3.   A set schedule for each day – schedules should follow the same general flow daily. They should have the same routine so thereis some structure, but different activities mixed in each day to make it new and exciting.

4.   Individualized activities based on your child’s needs – individualization allows for greater skill building for each child!

5.   Group activities and guaranteed social interactions – the more opportunities for your child to practice their social skills, the better they will be able to maintain these skills over time!

6.    FUN! This is the most important part! Make sure the camp includes activities that will interest and excite your child. It is summer, after all!


GBC aba is thrilled to be offering an Autism-Friendly Summer Program! Please call or email GBC aba at 312-882-1024 or to reserve your spot today!

For more information about our program, please visit:

Now get out there and enjoy your summer!