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Potty Training: 4 Ways to Prepare Before You Start

Published on
August 16, 2019

Potty training can be a challenge for parents across the board, and every child responds to it differently. At GBC aba, we have put together some tips to help guide you as you approach potty training with your child.

Many children with autism or developmental disabilities may struggle to become potty trained. However, the truth is that potty training can pose itself as challenge for all children. For parents across the board, the goal is to make this transition as smooth and natural for their child as possible.

Are you starting to approach the idea of potty training your child? Look no further! We have put together a list to help prepare your family for this journey, with tips and tricks that will help pave the way for a successful potty training experience for your child! If you have already implemented these tips and are ready to get started, read our second post in our Potty Training Series here.

1. Ensure your child is comfortable sitting on the potty

·      Your child should be able to sit on the potty appropriately for at least one minute. If your child is not able to sit for his long, work on gradually getting your child comfortable.

·      Bring your child into the bathroom frequently, allow them to flush and lift the lid, and provide praise for every positive interaction with the potty.

2. Work on your child being able to take off and put on their own pants

·      This is a very important step to ensure your child can independently use the bathroom.

3. Provide rewards and praise for successes on the potty

·      Choose a toy or snack your child loves (tablet, favorite snack, etc.) and give it to them as a reward as soon as they successfully go on the potty.

4. React appropriately to accidents

·      Attempt to get your child in the middle of an accident so they stop and then finish on the potty.

·      Allow your child to walk to the bathroom in the wet underwear so they can experience the discomfort of being wet.

·      Bring your child to the potty and have them sit for 1-3 minutes or as soon as they finish on the toilet.

If you need additional support at any point in this process, please reach out to an ABA therapist. At GBC aba, we will create an individualized support plan that will be uniquely designed for your child and family. We are eager to make this a successful experience for your family! Please call or email GBC aba at 312-882-1024 or for more information!